Plants that Thrive in the Fall

Fall Planting

fall planting
fall planting

Most people are scared of the first frost coming in late October to early November, and do not plan planting any more seeds until early next spring. However, fall planting can be extremely productive! Here are a few of the vegetables that love the beautiful fall weather.


Beets are a wonderful fall crop; cheap seeds and non-temperamental attitude make this plant a must have for autumn. The healthy side is that they have a wonderful source of Vitamins A and C. Make sure that you dig deep so the plants stay cool. Also, keep in mind that roots longer than three inches become tough and woody, thus much less pleasing for consumption.


Broccoli may have been your least favorite vegetable when you were a kid, and may still be. This tree-like vegetable prospers in the fall and spring, and is rich with vitamins and nutrients. Try planting in July or August, as these plants do not prefer extreme temperatures.


A hearty vegetable like cabbage is also great for fall planting, as cool temperatures are its favorite. Do not worry if it doesn’t grow to maturity until late fall. Additionally, water throughly but do not allow the soil to get too saturated. Beautiful heads will be your harvest, that can be stored for a few months at a time.


One of the most popular vegetables in the world, this orange root is a favorite autumn crop. their incredible storage life of nine months makes it easier to eat year round, so be sure to plant a good harvest. Furthermore, they can be picked at whatever usable size you may desire. In hot climates, however, make sure to plant these in late September or October for a late winter harvest.


Lettuce is one of the most affordable crops to grow, yet also one of the most delicious. Its versatility of use makes it a must have plant in your garden. It can be planted early in the fall growing season and harvested a few weeks into the first frost. As it does not take very much room and has a shallow root system, it is very economical to grow in large amounts. Make sure that these plants receive at least five hours of sunlight a day, and daily water. Romaine Lettuce is especially good in this season, as are the other varieties such as kale, swiss chard, and still others. For more information on this fall planting specialty, feel free to visit my post on lettuce here.


Fall planting is especially good when you sow good seeds for delicious vegetables, such as onions. Onions are very cheap and hardy crops, and thrive in the presence of other vegetables. Also be sure that they grow in a well weeded area, to capitalize on all the minerals and nutrients in the soil as possible. Each species has its own distinct taste, yet all are flavorful.


As Autumn is a soup season, it just makes sense that peas should be in the mix. This stalk vegetable thrives in the early fall, and snow peas and sugar snaps love the cool temperatures.


Beans are great if you live in a warm climate, or if you have at least two months before the first frost. As you may well know, bean stalks get limp and tired in the blazing summer sun; therefore, they make an ideal late August plant.

Fall Planting Summary

As is obvious from this post, all these plants and more thrive in the fall growing season. Prepare to have a wonderful vegetable harvest for your thanksgiving needs, as nothing will beat fresh grown garden vegetables!